About Gripen

About Gripen

Gripen is a unique corporate finance advisory boutique that was established in 2002, focused on providing M&A, capital raising and strategy advisory services for middle-market companies of Eastern Europe and U.S. and Western European companies seeking capacity and market entry in to the emerging markets of Eastern Europe.

Gripen has conducted advisory assignments in over 17 countries in industries such as clean tech, alternative energy, information technology, telecommunications, tool manufacturing, packaging, agribusiness, natural gas distribution among others.

In early 2008, Gripen, established itself in Newport Beach, California, to capitalize on the growing demand of US based middle market companies for balance sheet restructuring, capital formation, merger and acquisition and strategy advisory services - the main activities that Gripen focuses on.

Gripen has a particular interest in companies that wish to expand internationally, especially in the emerging markets, capitalizing on Gripen’s extensive global network to help its clients access new markets and/or to develop service and manufacturing capacities in these markets.

In addition to this financial advisory activity, Gripen has advised emerging market governments of Moldova, Romania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Mongolia, Egypt, Jordan and Afghanistan on economic development and investment policy.

Countries worked in:

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Morocco, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Afghanistan